Investment Options Available For Investing Money

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There are various investment options available to invest money. While investing, you must need to be consistent and stick to your plan. Find out the different investment options as per your risk appetite.

The type of investment depends on the need and time horizon you have. If you want to invest for retirement, there will be different investment options, that are specifically covered in Retirement Planning section. If you want to invest for some other goals like to buy a luxury car or to invest for child's education, there will be different methods to invest money.

If you want to know, where you should invest your money or what are the investment options available, then here you will come to know about different savings and investment optionsDifferent Investment Options you have. To invest your money, you should first understand your requirements and decide which investment options are suitable for you and your needs. One thing you must do while investing is to invest in different type of investment instruments and make a diversified portfolio. Have a look at the number of basic investment options you have, to invest and grow your money.

Safe Investments:

  • Savings Account
  • Fixed Deposits (Certificate of Deposit)
  • Government Bonds
  • PPF (Public Provident Fund)
  • Post Office Schemes � NSC, KVP, MIS and others

Moderate Risk Investments:

  • Company Deposits
  • Mutual Funds
  • ULIPs
  • Gold
  • Property

High Risk Investments:

  • Stock Market Trading
  • Forex Trading

Business Investments:

  • Consultancy Business

Money Making Hobbies:

  • Stamp Collection
  • Rare Coins
  • Wine

The above list of investment instruments provides most of the investment options you have to invest money according to your risk appetite.

Find the brief description of each type of investment instrument from the following links:

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