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Download various tools and financial calculators to help you manage your personal finance. These tools and resources will help you to check your expenses and plan your investments.

You may find some of these types of tools and calculators available on other web-sites but there you have to check and use them online, here you are getting a free download, so that you can use these resources at any time without being connected to Internet. These tools will help you to understand the power of compounding, if you will use these calculators to make some calculations for short term and long term.

If you want us to make some more personalized calculators and other tools, please feel free to contact Money Management Ideas.

Financial Document Manager: Financial Document Manager will help you to store the information of all the important financial documents. Fill in all the details in the Excel Sheet (document manager) and keep a copy of this at your home, and let your family know about the investments and related documents which will be helpful for them in case of unfortunate events.

To understand the importance of financial document manager, imagine the use of any insurance plan you have taken if your family is not aware of that policy. It will simply be useless unless your family knows about the plan and the insurance documents.

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Fixed Deposit Calculator: This calculator will calculate the maturity amount of Fixed deposits for you. So before investing your money, you can check how much would be the maturity amount. By using FD calculator, you can easily plan how much money you should invest in FD (Certificate of Deposit).

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Recurring Deposit Calculator: This calculator will calculate the maturity amount for any recurring deposit that you are planning to open. You have to just input monthly amount you can save and for how many years, this RD calculator will calculate the maturity amount for you. It is a worth while financial tool to have on your desktop/laptop to plan your investments.

You can also calculate approximate amount for Mutual Funds if you plan to go for a SIP. You have to just provide the rate of interest to calculate the maturity amount for SIP or recurring deposit. Click below to download RD or SIP calculator.

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Retirement Calculator: This calculator will calculate the amount you will need at the time of your retirement for your monthly expenses. You have to input your current expenditures and this calculator will tell you the cost of living for your retirement year on the basis of expected annual inflation so that you may plan your retirement in a better way.

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Yearly Fixed Deposit Calculator: This is a rare financial calculator that you will not find easily on the web. This calculator will help you calculate the amount that you will get if you deposit some fixed amount every year. You need not calculate maturity amount for every deposit you made for some policy.

There are several policies where you invest yearly and it becomes somewhat difficult to calculate the maturity amount. So this calculator is developed to make your life simple and manage your personal finance effectively.

Current Expenses Calculator: This tool/sheet will help you in calculating and maintaining your current monthly and annual expenses. Calculate your inflationary and non-inflationary monthly expenses in this excel sheet. It will help you in maintaining your budget. Use these values in the retirement calculator to know your cost of living at the time of retirement.

Budget Planner Tool: This tool will help you in maintaining and planning your family budget. Fill-in all the expenses and earnings in this excel sheet and find out how much money is left for you to spend and invest further to live a comfortable life. It is a must have tool to plan your budget easily and to know where your money is actually going.

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You can bookmark this page to check more tools and calculators. Soon you will be getting other resouces to help you manage your savings and investments. For now, download these tools and check various options to invest your money.


If you find any of these resources helpful, donate some amount to let MoneyManagementIdeas make new and other helpful tools and calculators. If you want to get any calculator customized as per your requirements, feel free to contact Money Management Ideas.




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